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Buy Scarlet Macaw Online

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Buy Scarlet Macaw Online

We are wonderful birds, filled with energy and personality. It’s highly intelligent and is a capable escape artist. It has distinct likes and dislikes and can become a “one-person bird” if care is not taken to train the bird otherwise.


Buy Scarlet Macaw Online

When it comes to the. These birds, who are known for their beautiful bright plumage, are also curious, strong-willed, and highly trainable in captivity.

What distinguishes them from other Macaws chicks for sale is their white face and yellow feathers on their wings. Their natural habitat is in the South American rain forests which it is moist and humid.

Their intelligence and beauty are two reasons why people keep them as pets, but because of their ability to become aggressive, they do not make good pets for kids.

The long, thick beak is light on the top and dark black on the bottom. The legs and feet are also black. Body length is approximately 89 cm, with the tail comprising approximately 1/3 – 1/2 of this.

Scarlet Macaw For Sale

The tail feathers of males may be longer than females. Also, the bills of males may be slightly larger. The is just so gorgeous and filled with personality, that it’s tough for someone with a few extra bucks in their pocket to refuse.

The Scarlet Macaw For Sale Near Me can often outlive humans, in captivity, they are known to live up to 80 years while in the wild they can live approximately 40-50 years. The female usually lays 1 to 4 eggs and both males and females care for the young.

If you already own a parrot and are trying to get help to understand your pet better give us a call or email us. We are Bird Behaviorist Specialists and we do have a couple of chicks.

We can also teach you how to modify your parrot’s behavior and help you teach your parrot to become a better family.

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Breeding :

While comparatively docile at most times of the year, Scarlet Macaw for sale in Canada may be formidably aggressive during periods of breeding.
are monogamous birds, with individuals remaining with one partner throughout their lives.
The hen lays two or three white eggs in a tree cavity.
The female incubates the eggs for about five weeks, and the chicks fledge from the nest about 90 days after hatching.
They leave their parents about a year later. Juveniles reach sexual maturity at five years of age. Scarlet macaws for sale

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 eat mostly nuts, seeds, and fruits, including hard seeds and sodium-packed dirt. The Scarlet Macaw for sale UK price is above the price of a mini macaw and can only be compared to the price of a blue and gold macaw.

Scarlet macaw price:

We usually start at $800, but if you are returning client you can purchase one from us at a hundred dollars less.


A typical sighting is of a single bird or a pair flying above the forest canopy, though in some areas flocks can be seen. They may gather at clay licks.

macaw babies for sale near me communicate primarily through raucous honks; however, vocal communication is highly variable, and captive macaws are known to be adept mimics of human speech.

 Scarlet Macaw Chicks For Sale

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