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Green Cheeked Amazon

Our parrots enjoy human interaction as well as interaction with other birds. They like to be g

reeted when you come into the room.

They like to eat at the table and will let you know when it’s dinner time green cheek. They are

quite content and comfortable being on a perch and in the company of their humans.


Buy Green Cheeked Amazon Online

Playful and sweet, hand-fed green-cheeked Amazon parrots are good family pets that enjoy interacting with everyone.

They are mild-mannered and appear content when they spend time with their handlers. They may join you while watching television or at the dinner table and are fans of handling and petting.

Curious and nosy, they are prone to mischief-making more than some other Amazon species. They may chew electrical wires around the house. Supervision and positive distractions are required when out of the cage.

While green-cheeked Amazons are known as comical, good-natured birds, some may go through a hormonal bluffing stage as they go through adolescence.

Green Cheeked Amazon for sale This period can last for up to two years; the birds may become a little temperamental during this time. Be patient; it will pass.

Green Cheeked Amazon For Sale

Green-cheeked Amazons are not as independent or feisty as other Amazons, but they will have their moments of wanting to be left alone.

Green Cheeked Amazon for sale near me Signs to watch for include the bird’s feathers fanning out and “blazing eye” constricting pupils.

Highly intelligent, they can quickly learn entertaining bird tricks, as well as words and phrases. They are also very noisy Buy Parrots Online.

Speech and Vocalizations

Expect a loud 10-minute announcement every morning and evening. It’s in the bird’s nature to call

out to its flock at those times. Many Buy green-cheeked Amazon online can become good talkers with consistent training.

They are excellent mimics. Just be careful, as some individuals can get sassy, and owners have reported a little backtalk at times Buy Parrots Online Australia.

Green-Cheeked  Parrots For Sale

Green-cheeked Amazons are primarily dark green with a bright red blaze that extends over their

beak and forehead. There is a patch of brilliant blue behind their eyes that trails down the neck of some individuals.

The undersides of the tail feathers are lime green or yellow. They have horn-colored beaks and

flesh-colored legs green cheek parrots.

It is nearly impossible to distinguish males from females. If you can get two side-by-side, you might

notice that the male is slightly larger and that the red and blue patches on his face are more significant.

That said, the only way to be sure of the sex of the birds is through DNA or surgical sexing of green cheek parrot.

Social interaction is necessary for any Amazon parrot; the green-cheeked is no different from the green-

faced. Birds that don’t receive enough handling and affection can develop destructive behaviors and

become depressed.

Emotional distress can lead to self-mutilation in the form of feather plucking and skin-picking

green-cheeked conure.

Baby Amazon Parrots For Sale

Unlike other pets, parrots need one-on-one interaction for a few hours every day. This activity

keeps the bird happy and healthy in captivity, and it establishes a strong, rewarding bond for the

owner and the bird green cheek bird.

As a medium-sized parrot, the green-cheeked for sale requires a substantial cage. They love to climb

and should have room to stretch their wings while inside.

The minimum size is 2 feet by 3 feet and up to 3 or 5 feet tall; the more space you can provide, the

better green cheek conures.

Inside the cage, place the bird’s perches at various heights and provide ladders and a variety of toy

conures. At least once a week, your bird will appreciate a bath to help keep its feathers from drying out.

A birdbath gives your bird an extra place to play.  A handheld mister or

spray bottle counts as enjoyable interaction time with your feathered friend conure.

A parrot is an expensive pet. It is not only the initial cost of the bird, but also factors in cage cost,

toys, food, and annual visits to the avian veterinarian. The costs can add up quickly green conure.

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