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Buy blue and gold macaw online


Buy blue and gold macaw online

Buy blue and gold macaw online is Beautiful, captivating, intelligent, and majestic, Blue and Gold Macaws Chicks for sale near me have held a place as one of the most popular large parrots for years Blue and gold macaw for sale.

These brightly colored beauties have so much more to offer than just a pretty face

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Buy blue and gold macaw online

COMMON NAMES: Blue and gold macaw, blue and yellow macaw


ADULT SIZE: 33 inches from beak to tail feathers, wingspan can reach 40 inches or more, and they typically weigh over 2 pounds

LIFE EXPECTANCY: Can live 60 or more years, although most live about 30 years; some blue and golds have lived up to 100 or more


  • Consistent and firm control can make them excellent pets.


  • Not suitable for apartment living.
  • Require to be hand-fed for four to five months.
  • Require training and structured play to focus their energy.

Wild blue and gold are endangered species Blue and Gold Macaw chicks for sale. Much of their population decline in the wild has been due to habitat destruction, hunting, and trapping. Sadly, before captive breeding programs, these young birds were quite often taken directly from the nest and sold for the pet trade. Many defensive parents died protecting their babies, and many young parrots did not survive. Talking Macaw Parrots for sale


Their sociability and even, sweet disposition make blue and gold macaws a great pet. Their intelligence, willingness to learn, and talking ability are a plus macaw for sale in Chicago.

When allowed to socialize with a variety of people, blue and golds do very well adapting to different people and other birds. Blue and gold are fantastic birds for tricks. Around the house, these macaws may act like friendly dogs. They enjoy being near their owners and seek out attention. They are also content on their perch, watching the activity around them. Buy macaw parrots near me
Speech and Vocal

Blue and gold macaws are capable of ear-shattering calls, which are usually not appreciated by close neighbors. They are not the best choice for those who live in apartments and condominiums or if you have small children who are startled by the noise.

This bird is a great talker; it can learn quickly and aims to please. Training is relatively simple as long as you are consistent. They can learn a vocabulary of around 20 words and phrases. Given the clarity of their voice, many people consider them one of the best talking parrots.

Blue and Gold Macaw Colors

Blue and gold macaws get their common name from their two most prominent feather colors. They typically have a green forehead, fading into a teal blue that covers the nape, back, tail, and wings. The chest and underside of the wings and belly are a bright golden yellow.

These birds have large black beaks and a black patch of feathers just underneath its beak. White patches of skin adorned with rings of tiny black feathers surround their eyes and cover much of their faces.

This bird is a monomorphic species, meaning males and females are barely distinguishable from each other. Many believed that the male has a flatter head, and the female has a narrower beak; the only way to prove the sex of this macaw is through surgical or genetic sex.

How To Cara for a Blue and Gold Macaw

Like most macaws, the blue and gold thrives on attention from its owner and will form a strong bond with its family members. Take time to socialize these birds properly and provide them with adequate mental stimulation; otherwise, they might resort to screaming out of boredom. where to buy Macaw parrots online.

These raucous birds require a cage that is at a minimum of at least 5 feet tall and at least 3- or 4 feet wide and long. The bird needs lots of room to stretch its wings, hop and climb around, and keep itself occupied with macaw for sale Georgia.

Common Health Problems

Macaws may be long-lived birds, but, like all parrots, they are prone to a viral infection called macaw wasting syndrome and overgrown beaks.1

Like other parrots, blue and golds may resort to self-mutilation by feather plucking if they feel neglected or bored.2

A well-balanced diet and adequate exercise are necessary to maintain pet bird health. This bird is prone to developing nutritional disorders like obesity, fatty liver disease, and fatty tumors.3

Diet and Nutrition

In the wild, most macaws, including blue-and-gold macaws, eat a variety of seeds, plant material, fruits, and nuts.

Captive blue and gold macaws should get a varied diet consisting of as many different types of fresh fruits and vegetables as possible. The bird should also get a high-quality pelleted diet with some healthy seeds, such as flax, hemp, and chia. Avoid many nut treats; these are high in fat.

Each macaw, depending on its size, will eat about 1/2 to 3/4 cup of parrot mix and about 1/2 to 3/4 cup of fruit and vegetables every day. You can feed it once in the morning upon waking and at dusk before it goes to sleep. Remove all uneaten food before bedtime.

Blue and gold macaws are active birds. They love to climb, swing, bounce and chew. Owners should provide a minimum of 2 to 3 hours of playtime outside of the cage each day so that the bird can stretch and exercise its muscles.

These birds have powerful jaw muscles. Chewing and gnawing are necessary to keep their jaws healthy and in shape.1

 Durable toys are a must, as the blue and gold beak is known to be destructive. Provide bird-safe chewable toys made of leather and have extras on hand as they get destroyed.

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