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Conures are intelligent, playful and comical birds that make wonderful pets. There are many different types of conures available, and deciding which type of conure is best for your situation can be confusing. This overview provides information on ten popular conure species to help you choose.With proper care, Conures can be expected to live for about 25 years to 30 years or more.It Range in size from about 12 inches and Weight from 100-130 grams.he Sun Conure is a highly sociable, and affectionate bird. It is lively, fun-loving, and acrobatic, making a very playful pet that will readily learn to perform tricks. It is extremely vocal, and is also very alert and an excellent watchdog; screeching loudly to herald the arrival of someone at the door, or to welcome its owner home after a hard days work.Sun conures are very demanding, requiring lots of attention and human interaction.Conures are active birds, and consequently conure bird cages need to be fairly large relative to body size, fitted with lots of toys, especially things to chew, and noisy toys like bells and rattles, to provide stimulation and prevent boredom.A balanced diet of whole grains, fruit, vegetables, seeds and nuts is recommended for all types of conures to ensure that they remain in good health. Feed commercial seed and pellet mixes together with a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables.They are very pets

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Buy Black Capped Conure Online


Buy Black Capped Conure Online

Great! They are affectionate, loving, sweet, and intelligent. They will make sure you get up in time for work in the morning (until you learn to sleep through the morning serenade), and they’ll make you feel loved when you get home. They’re funny little clowns who like to amuse themselves and their humans with acrobatic antics and by playing with the toys that the human spoils them with. Our  Black-capped conures have a very great personality suitable for a house pet.

Buy Blue Crown Conures Online

The half moon conures for sale are one of the sweetest of the entire Conure group. Our lovely cherry headed conure for sale are very affectionate and social birds, bonding strongly to their owners (as long as they are well treated, that is). hand fed conures for sale They are well trained to be gifted talkers and are capable of learning several words and short phrases. With their intelligent eyes, they are very attractive and lovable to play with. Blue Crown Conures

Buy Crimson Bellied Conures Online

Conures indoors demand a lot of attention and will need a good supply of toys to entertain themselves when you are not around. They need a good supply of branches to chew up. Leafy branches can be placed in the aviary or cage for the birds to chew up. This will entertain the birds, help minimize boredom and give the birds some beak exercise. Natural branches can be used for perches. These natural perches will be chewed by the birds and may need to be replaced regularly. Crimson bellied conures

Buy Jenday Conures Online


Jenday Conures

Like most Conures, Our lovely Jendaya is also known for its sociable disposition and playful behavior. These small parrots are highly intelligent, and can often learn several words and phrases, but are not known for their talking ability.  often enjoy learning tricks, and should be handled frequently.

Buy Scarlet Macaw Online


Buy Scarlet Macaw Online

We are wonderful birds, filled with energy and personality. It’s highly intelligent and is a capable escape artist. It has distinct likes and dislikes and can become a “one-person bird” if care is not taken to train the bird otherwise.

Buy Sun Conures Online

Buy Sun Conures Online As pets, the Sun Conures make great companions. With a little love, proper training, and socialization, these birds are sure to brighten the homes and lives of the people that choose to keep them. Colorful and intelligent, these birds have inherent playful and affectionate nature blended with charming personalities.  are basically very social birds, and may not be the best choice for those who have little time to spend with pets.