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Amazon parrots have a well-earned reputation as being the “life of the party.” These primarily green medium- to large-sized parrots are typically bold, comical and often love to be the center of attention.Our parrots are highly intelligent birds, very outgoing and renowned talkers. They adapt well to captivity, adjusting easily to their cage or aviary. Amazons require a great deal of mental stimulation. Without the proper attention, social interaction and toys, an Amazon parrot is prone to behavioral problems. People who are willing to devote a considerable amount of time to their parrots will have a delightful companion pet for many decades.The height of this parrot is 9 to 18 inches.The weight 250 to 700 gm.Amazons are usually good family pets & has a reasonable temperament.Amazon Parrot is independent, loyal, talkative in nature. They are not shy.They enjoy human companionship and prone to obesity.Most of them are good talkers & singers.It can be trained easily.They are good at mimicking human voices.They need to be taught to not bite and scream. They are very loving, caring and have captivating beauty but if not properly trained, can be most aggressive.Most Amazon parrots love to bathe; and bathing opportunities can include joining their owner in the shower, getting a spray bath, or jumping in their water dish and splashing water all about. Bathing is an important part of an Amazon’s feather health. Because of their love of food and their habit of begging for table foods from their owners.An Amazon parrot needs a spacious cage with toys and swings spread out, as well as a play gym/play tree, climbing rope and/or ladders to scale to encourage movement and exercise.

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Buy Blue Fronted Amazon online

Our blue Fronted Amazons for sale near me are active parrots for sale and should be allowed a minimum of 3 to 4 hours per day outside the cage (especially if their cage is small) to play and stretch their wings. These birds love to climb and chew, so it’s recommended that Amazon parrot owners provide their pets with plenty of toys, including ladders and ropes to swing on green parrot.

Buy Double Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot Online

Double Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot For Sale Buy Double Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot Online The double yellow-headed Amazon has been kept as a pet for centuries and is highly regarded as a companion bird Buy Double Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot Online. Our babies are very intelligent and imaginative birds. They long for the company of their owners and sometimes tend to become aggressive if it is left alone for extended periods. Also, an unattended bird has a tendency to chew on household furniture.

Buy Green Cheeked Amazon Online


Green Cheeked Amazon

Our parrots enjoy human interaction as well as interaction with other birds. They like to be g reeted when you come into the room. They like to eat at the table and will let you know when it’s dinner time green cheek. They are quite content and comfortable being on a perch and in the company of their humans.

Buy Lilac Crowned Amazon Online

Our baby is a great and lovely pet,the more your it’  is around people, the more socialized it is and the more it will interact and play with you.Our Lilac-crowned amazon parrots enjoy human interaction as well as interaction with other birds.

Buy Mealy Amazon Online

The farinosa is known by a variety of other names including Mealy Parrot, Blue-crowned Mealy Amazon, and Guatemalan Amazon. are one of the largest amazons, reaching up to about 15 - 16 inches (38 - 41 cm). This is quite a contrast to the White-fronted albifrons, which are only about 10 inches (26 cm) long.

Buy Scarlet Macaw Online


Buy Scarlet Macaw Online

We are wonderful birds, filled with energy and personality. It’s highly intelligent and is a capable escape artist. It has distinct likes and dislikes and can become a “one-person bird” if care is not taken to train the bird otherwise.

Buy Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot Online

Our Yellow Naped Amazons are very intelligent and smart birds. They are very active and energetic and love to entertain people. Its comical act and excellent speaking and singing abilities have made it a preferable pet bird. They are very loving and social at a young age but can be aggressive as they grow older.