Exotic parrots for sale

Exotic Parrots and Eggs is a large parrots farm owned by an experienced team of aviculturist who specializes in the breeding verities of parrots. we are parrot brokers not just focused on profit-making but also on the preservation of their species and also provide a life companion for those who love parrots as pets.

As a company, we have loved, cared for, bred, and lived with parrots and other pets/birds for the past 18 years, quite an experience. We have accumulated enormous skills to breed, cater and distribute these birds. As we mentioned earlier do not consider ourselves commercial or profit-focused breeders because our birds are raised with a passion and unique kind of human-to-animal bond. We specialize in happy, healthy, stress-free parrots that make perfect companions to both old and new homes.

We hand rare all of our birds. All babies are raised at our farm in a family/friendly environment making our pets completely at ease with other pets. They are harness trained which allows them to be taken for a walk in the garden. Each pet has a health certificate and a training and care booklet containing all the information needed to ensure a proper transition and enjoyable, healthy, and stress-free stay in their new homes. Our baby Parrots make the ultimate companion birds and perfect pet. Our birds throw in a decorative glance at the first sight.

Our beautiful hand-fed babies are incubator hatched and lovingly cared for under the strictest of avian breeding and care standards, which we adhere to strictly in our hatchery. All birds have been bred in a disease-free Bio-secure breeding sanctuary. They are well socialized, having been raised in our home as members of our own family in order for them to become ready to be a member of yours. They are quite comfortable around all ages, including the elderly and young children (however supervision is always strongly advised).

about us2Sure, we “sell” birds. But we like to think of it as “placing” birds in good homes. Our goal is to help you raise a happy, healthy, and well-mannered baby. We turn away many people who love the beauty of exotic birds and/or want a parrot that talks, but do not understand the intelligence and corresponding interaction required on a daily basis to keep these incredible creatures happy. The truth has built our business
Even though we let all of our pet birds spend more time with their parents, all of our birds are weaned. All birds have a 3 Day (72 Hour) Full Health Guarantee. If anything is away from what is described, we will fully refund you any expenses incurred in getting your bird to you. We guarantee that you are getting a healthy bird, and with our help and support, we assure you that you will keep it safe, healthy, and happy with minimal efforts after purchase. We also offer additional after-sales services for a fee such as Additional Behavioral training, Emergency Vet Care, and Baby Sitting in case of long vacations. All pets come with a training CD, Feeding Guide, and additional resources

aboutHere at Exotic Parrots and Eggs, our breeding birds also have good lives. Exotic Parrots and Eggs Farm healthy breeding birds live comfortably in a state-of-the-art breeding facility. They are fed the best possible diet, observed on a daily basis, and are visited by excellent avian veterinarians, both traditional and holistic, to keep them in tip-top condition.

They listen to sounds of the rainforest and nature-inspired music, and it rains on them several times a day from our misters. All of our breeding birds have plenty of toys. They have full-spectrum lighting including dawn and dusk with a varying diurnal cycle to give them some sense of seasons. Fresh air is exchanged 10 times an hour, and visual barriers provide them privacy.

Exotic Parrots and Eggs seeks to raise the absolutely best hand-raised parrots possible, according to strong ethical standards and practices. We provide public education, and support rescue, rehabilitation, sanctuary, and conservation programs. We are trying to make a difference in the lives of parrots, wherever they are. Please support us so we can continue our activities by purchasing birds from us and by passing on our information to those who might be interested.